World Hotel Rating in a nutshell

World Hotel Rating (WHR) aims to promote a universal language of hospitality and to enhance international transparency of hotel offerings. Its starting point is a simple ranking model, which is understandable by travelers from all parts of the world. WHR rankings will rely on objective assessments performed by domestic ranking systems which comply with the WHR model. These assessments will be combined with unbiased qualitative reviews resulting in reliable integrated ratings. These ratings will be fully comparable, enabling international travelers to select quality hotels to stay in in all destinations.

Hotel subcategories

In order to help travelers select hotels which best match their needs, WHR will classify hotels in subcategories featuring the most usual purpose of guests' stays:

  • Stopover hotels & motels
  • Apart-hotels & extended-stay hotels
  • Inns, lodges & hotels with charm
  • Boutique & city hotels
  • Vacation club-hotels
  • Spa & golf resort hotels
  • Grand hotels, convention centers & airport hotels.

Value for money

WHR will publish information individually reflecting hotels' average room prices. This synthetic information will be calibrated in such way that travelers can easily compare prices in the light of the (linear) WHR ratings. Captions will enable travelers to convert these prices in any currency.